Outside Interests can help or harm your progress!

Do you or your children have outside interests besides their Taekwondo? That is great, and not great! Let me explain. Balance in life is a difficult skill to acquire, especially today with all of the choices and distractions. I have already seen what “over-booking”  does to Moms, Dads and kids. High stress, loss of sleep, feeling harried and over-worked, the list goes on. Outside interests can help or harm your progress!

Now “I” think Taekwondo is the “BEST” thing you could ever do for your child. What it has done for me has exceeded all the benefits I got from my childhood and young adult activities and training combined. I am not sorry for the history I have, quite the contrary. I grew up in the 60’s and what was available for little girls then was music and dance. So I had 8 years of classical ballet training (every bit of which has helped in my Taekwondo!) and piano (I can still read music and love musical arts). But the Confidence, Grit  and Courage I cultivated through training, testing and competition was not acquired fully elsewhere.

Your Taekwondo can easily eat up every day in hours of training and participation in  all Dojo events. What would be the best balance? Two classes a week every week consistently. That’s it! Consistency yields results. Should you decide to become a Demo Team member or choose to Compete, you would add extra classes in preparation for the event. Once the event was over, fall back to your regular schedule. Life-long professional athletes follow this formula.

Outside event or interest? Pick only ONE! I have dance classes I attend. I even belong to troupes. But I attend those classes only once per week, and they get skipped if they interfere with an important Taekwondo event. I also DO NOT schedule outside conflicts to my Taekwondo; it has priority. Are there regrets or tugged feelings? Sure. But I balance that with responsibilities I have to myself, family, students and associates. The Dance is my FUN thing which also keeps me from burning out on Taekwondo, it helps me to continue to pursue it personally and professionally with Joy. Just like professional athletes, I find that the dance skills actually benefit my Taewkondo and vice versa; it’s called cross-training.

PS: This last weekend I performed at an outside venue with my dance friends. You can find out more about that event here!

PPS: I practiced on my own and only once a week for that event, this last month only every other week. Balance!