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More About Us: Karate for Kids – South Salem strives for students to accomplish their personal goals through martial arts classes.
Whether you’re seeking fitness, stress relief, or a way to make friends, we’ll help you achieve it. Develop newfound confidence and mental fortitude that become increasingly stronger as you learn self-defense. Karate for Kids – South Salem is American Taekwondo Association certified and practices ATA techniques. The ATA teaching structure brings together goal tracking, organized curriculum, and detailed steps for achieving success. Our instructors and martial arts classes foster a community driven towards growth in all aspects of life!

Karate for Kids - South Salem


Karate for Kids - South Salem was originally founded in 1996 by Master Barry Lyon. Since 2005, Von Phuls has taken over ownership of the academy.
Von Phuls has helped run operations of Karate for Kids since 2001 and has been teaching since 1993. His hopes to continue training and develop his passion for martial arts ultimately led to a full-time career of instruction. Today, Von Phuls continues to create opportunities for others to teach and watch students succeed. The academy has developed its own legacy where students will become masters and help shape the newest generations.

Owner & Head Instructor

Jerry Von Phul

I was always involved in lots of Sports growing up. I also participated in outdoor activities with my Big Brother and then later with my wife (and YEAH! She likes camping and fishing!). My wife and I were invited by a coworker in the late 80’s to take a free Taekwondo class with him. We were hooked. We never stopped training. Even after we relocated from Texas to Oregon, we found a way to keep training.Eventually our hobby became a career. We went from starting a club to operating a full academy for our Master Instructor. When he went into semi-retirement, we purchased the school from him. And here we are!

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Co-Owner & Certified Instructor

Theresa Von Phul

I saw my first Taekwondo Demonstration when I was a High School Freshman. I thought it would be great if I could be as “Cool” as those young men! I kept that to myself for many years. Later when I started catching Chuck Norris movies…. WOW! But I grew up in a military family that kept moving every 18-24 months. So joining a Dojang was not going to be possible. I am amazed my Mother was always able to find ballet and piano teachers for me and my 2 younger sisters every time we moved! But finally my Dad retired from the Air Force and we settled down in Lubbock, Texas where I met my husband. We started classes together in 1989 and have never stopped. We started our 1st Club in 1993. Later we were hired to move North and operate our Master Instructor’s School so he could open more locations. When he went into semi-retirement, we bought the school. We set aside our previous careers and have made this our own calling.

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Assistant Manager & 3rd Degree Black Belt

Kimberly Curtis

Why taekwondo?

Honestly, I don’t know. Taekwondo found me. But since 2008, I have found extended family, community, motivation and wellness at the dojahng. I have enjoyed the success, and used the failures as opportunity to grow. Although it’s an individual sport (except the sparring) the whole class gets behind each other. It’s a team effort.

My son was given a certificate for some free training. He enjoyed it and before long 3 generations were training together.

My family has 1 first degree Black Belt, 2 Second degree Black Belts, and 1 third degree Black Belt (that’s me!).

Now I’m using Taekwondo to maintain physical fitness and help other students on their journey. With my own limitations as a very young child, I always had an interest in physical therapy or helping kids, but didn’t have any education or experience. It took a few years to realize my opportunity was right here. I’ve learned how to help other students get better and how to be a good leader and example.

Our school is a family school and we teach values and character development (like how to be prepared for social interactions, possible bullying situations, job interviews, and more) along with proper technique.

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More About Us Our Team:

In addition to their technical expertise, our instructors are also excellent teachers who know how to create a supportive and challenging learning environment.

They understand that every student is unique and tailor their approach to meet the needs of each individual.

Our instructors also prioritize safety, ensuring that all students learn and practice techniques in a safe and controlled manner.

Karate for Kids – South Salem offers a variety of martial arts classes for kids and adults.

If you’re looking for family martial arts, our Taekwondo classes are family-friendly, relaxed, and fun for students as young as five years old.

Adults are welcome to join our Krav Maga and Tai Chi – Qigong classes to experience a wide variety of martial arts disciplines.

Whatever journey you partake in, you’ll be receiving top-quality training for martial arts in South Salem!

Karate for Kids – South Salem invites nearby communities including Stayton, Aumsville, and Turner to learn martial arts.

Join us on S Commercial St. Directly behind Nancy’s Burgers and across from Winco Foods.

Try our martial arts program today, with no risks and no commitments!

Crush your fitness goals while learning how to protect yourself!

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