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Two Karate buddys

instructor teaching young kid how to karate kick

Karate for Kids

Family Friendly Taekwondo for Children, Teens & Adults starting at age 5 years and up.

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woman fighting off an attacker using krav maga

Krav Maga

Reality-Based Self-Defense, an Adult- Only class. Minimum starting age is 13-15 years and up.

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adult man in karate stance

Medical Qigong

Health & Wellness” program for Adults and Seniors. Member of Zen Wellness.

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What Price for a Child’s Safety?
February 4, 2015

What price can one put on their child's safety and well being? It has been wonderful to watch as our daughter is instructed in the manner of how to identify a stranger; more importantly what to do should one try to put hands on or harm our child. Through the training at Salem Martial Arts, Continue Reading

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Mr. & Mrs. von Phul

Message From School Owners Mr. & Mrs. von Phul

The most successful people in the world all possess the same virtue: GRIT. GRIT is Perseverance + Resilience. That is what Martial Arts teaches and what we want to instill in all of our students, of all ages! Come train with us here and get True Grit!

The Family that Kicks together, Sticks together!

We were given some advice many years ago and we took it! Make it possible for families to train together in the same classes! Siblings can stay with each other, parents can interact with their children and so much more!

Opportunity to Excel!

You can do so much more than you think you can! Start as a student and then see where your training can take you! You could be the next great competitor or instructor!

A,B,C: It’s a Simple as 1,2,3!

Do you remember the Jackson 5? When Michael Jackson was just a little guy and singing with his older brothers? Boy, I do. So I remember those lyrics I used in the title. I know that parents already know this: children develop in 3 phases. Those 3 phases are physically, mentally and emotionally ( we […]

Knight and Day movie promo shot

“You got Skills!”

“You got Skills!” Tom Cruise’s character tells Cameron Diaz’s in the fun romantic action thriller “Knight and Day“. I think he uses the phrase more than once. Although the premise is somewhat formulaic and it didn’t appear to really gross at the box office, I rather liked it. “You got Skills!”. I like it that […]

Success is built with the Six “P’s” : Prior Planning

Success is built with the six “P’s”. I first learned this from my Dad and later heard it repeated while in the Army: “Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”. One of the worst habits I know is that of “The Free Spirit”, the Guy (or Gal) who “Flies by the Seat of their pants”. That may […]