Published: January 31, 2024

Bully Defense

Bully Prevention? NO, Bully Defense!

Bully Defense

Bully Prevention?

Nope! Bully Defense!

Why do I say this?

Because you and I have NO POWER to change another person.

We also have no idea what is going inside another person- their thoughts, their home life, their ethics or morals -nothing!

But we can do something about ourselves and help someone else with our own actions and words.

And that is what this class is all about.


Based on the OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program

This Class is designed to help students spot bullying and empower them to prevent another child from being bullied.

It teaches responsible actions and safe methods, not only to keep themselves safe, but to intercede on another’s behalf.

Bully Defense

One Class can make a HUGE Difference!

Just learning one tip can make a school year better;

the difference between loving school and getting new friends or

hating school and avoiding it in every way possible.

We are scheduling an Agent G Class soon.

Call and Schedule your participation now!

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👊 What’s Included:

  1. Free Introductory Lesson: Experience the thrill of martial arts with a complimentary session designed for kids of all skill levels. No cost or obligation – just a fantastic opportunity to explore the art of karate.
  2. Professional Instruction: Our certified and experienced instructors are dedicated to providing a safe and engaging environment for your child to learn and grow.
  3. Personalized Guidance: We understand that every child is unique. During the free trial class, our instructors will assess your child’s abilities and provide personalized guidance to ensure they get the most out of their karate journey.
  4. Flexible Scheduling: Schedule the free introductory lesson at a time that suits you and your child’s schedule. We’re here to make the first step into karate as convenient as possible for you.
  5. No Obligation: We believe in the transformative power of martial arts and want your child to experience it without any pressure. There’s no obligation to sign up after the free trial class – it’s simply an opportunity for your child to try something new.

📆 How to Redeem:

To schedule your child’s Free Introductory Lesson, simply contact us via phone or email. Our friendly staff will assist you in choosing a convenient time for the class.

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Published: January 31, 2024

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